Ninsei Color Painting Yoraku Red Teacup with Lid

¥11,000 (Plus tax)
Craftsman 山岡善昇
Category Tea cups / Tea sets
Size 8cm*8cm*10.5cm
Weight 150 g
Materials 陶器(Pottery)
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As these items are made by hand, one by one, by craftsmen, there is some variation. colors you see on your monitor or browser may differ from actual colors.

This ewer with a lid has a vividly colored iroe design on the "Ninseiji" (Ninseiji) surface.

"Ninseiji" is the color of pottery favored by Nonomura Ninsei, a potter of the Edo period.

The characteristic of "Ninseiji" is a soft milky white pottery with fine cracks in the glaze called Kan-nyu (penetration).

Because it shows colored and gilded decoration better than blue-and-white porcelain, ninsei-ji is loved in Kyo-yaki, especially for tea ceremony utensils.

The word "Youraku" is derived from the Indian jewelry of the nobility and was introduced into Buddhism as a pattern.

This gorgeous and noble pattern has been popular since ancient times.

Fabric weaver:Chokuzan Kiln

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