Kyoto Craftmanship and Beauty

and Beauty

Enjoy the mysterious beauty

of works crafted

by artisans.

Vessels created by artisans seem almost alive. There is a story behind every item.

As Japan's capital for many generations, Kyoto was the focus of artisanal culture, attracting many different styles and stimulating much competition among craftsmen.

That is the reason why Kiyomizu ware uses no set type of materials or technique. So you will find items that have been turned on a wheel, hand formed, stamped, or molded. This gives Kiyomizu ware a timeless appeal.

Asahido will help you to find something that you love and pass down with pride to future generations.



Vibrant colors,

delicate patterns.

Like gazing at a flower, trapped in time, forever captivating, the luxury of owning Kiyomizu ware

Kiyomizu ware, each item slightly different with vibrant colors and delicate patterns, has been known and loved by everyone from tradespeople to masters of the tea ceremony.

Like people, each one is unique and has its own character and appeal.

On a special occasion, what better way to showcase food and your favorite liquor than to present them on Kiyomizu ware.