清水の門前に佇む朝日堂 明治3年創業 京都の地で培われた「職人技」と洗練された「美意識」

Traditional works of art are crafted one by one. The skill, the inherited techniques, passed down through the generations, and the materials used vary according to their place of origin.
We want to protect the artisanal skills of the shrinking number of traditional craftsmen in Japan. The mission of Asahido is to see that the wonder of those crafts does not disappear, but is preserved and made known to the world.
Whether it is a present for someone special, something to celebrate a special occasion, or a classy item that you can use in daily life, we are sure to have something that is ideal for you.
We encourage you to discover for yourself what makes traditional craft so distinctly beautiful in terms of its form, color and texture.

Kyoto Craftmanship and Beauty

Careful Wrapping and Packaging

Wrapping and delivery are an essential part of ensuring that the precious items you have chosen reach you safely. Here we introduce some of the means that we employ to take good care of your items.

Touch and See

Introducing the Asahido shop, a place where you can experience for yourself such Japanese traditional crafts as Kyo ware and Kiyomizu ware.

Day after Day, The Approach to Kiyomizu, Bustling with Pilgrims and Tourists
Specialty Kyo Ware/Kiyomizu Ware Store with the Greatest Selection in Japan

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