Careful Wrapping and Packaging


Careful wrapping and packaging ensures your items reach you safely and in good condition.

Each of our items all special, made with loving care by dedicated craftsmen.

At Asahido we go the extra mile and pack each item with great care to ensure that these precious items reach you safely.


Gift Wrapping

We provide wooden boxes, fancy boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, etc., for any occasion and degree of formality.

If you require anything in particular, then our staff will be glad to be of assistance.


Your Precious Item, in a Paulownia Box

In Japan, we have a tradition of using wooden boxes to express respect, vision and care; it is something that is difficult to express, but we see our feelings as accompanying our gifts in the box.

With Paulownia boxes in particular, their airtightness changes with humidity, so they are ideally suited to Japan's weather and climate, and they also deter insects. This has been known for generations, which is why they have been used for storage for so long.

So our thoughts go with these boxes, as they carry your precious items over the many miles to reach you safely.

Please understand that we are unable to provide Paulownia boxes for all items.