HAKUBAI cup 200 (one pair)

¥16,500 (Plus tax)
Craftsman 朝日堂オンラインショップ
Category Tea cups / Tea sets
Size φ85×H72mm
Weight 230 g
Instructions 【×】レンジ/食洗器/オーブン
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As these items are made by hand, one by one, by craftsmen, there is some variation. colors you see on your monitor or browser may differ from actual colors.

"This is porcelain with white plum blossoms thickly painted on the ivory-colored plate. Only skilled craftsmen can produce white plum blossoms that appear so fresh in such a fine shape. Plum blossoms, which bloom even in the cold and harsh weather of winter, are a congratulatory flower that have been loved by many people since ancient times because of their beauty and vitality."