Plenty Mug Series - 椿

¥4,400 (Plus tax)
Craftsman 俊山
Category Cups
Size 13cm*9.5cm*8cm
Weight 210 g
Materials 陶器(Pottery)
Instructions -
Details ※粉引技法の為、水を入れると斑紋が浮かびますが問題はございません。


  • cherry blossom cherry blossom
  • clematis clematis
  • camellia camellia
  • maple maple
  • plants which flower in autumn plants which flower in autumn
  • red and white plum blossoms red and white plum blossoms
+ -
As these items are made by hand, one by one, by craftsmen, there is some variation. colors you see on your monitor or browser may differ from actual colors.

Shunzan-gama Kiln is proud to introduce a new, large-capacity, plenty mug!

It features flowers painted on a white veneer with gold accents.
It can be used not only for beverages, but also for serving food such as soup with ingredients.
It can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Capacity: 350 ml (appropriate amount)

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