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Fine, carefully selected products

Exquisite products carefully made by artisans one by one are suitable for conveying your feelings to someone important.
Asahido has confidently developed these for gifts with an effort to rein in price so that we can offer them to all of you.
We would be appreciate it if you were to choose our products for various purposes, such as celebrations, return gifts, and greeting presents.

Close to People and the Times.

Kyo ware and Kiyomizu ware constantly evolve according to our changing styles of clothing, food, and housing.
The gifts we sell are simple, easy-to-use and modern, while their subtlety remains as is. We will offer quality time to your life.

For a special cup for a drink

YUKINOHANA Cup Bowl - pair set

¥11,000(Plus tax)

Beautiful patterns reminiscent of snowflakes and flowers emerge on this Kiyomizu ware.
The glaze, which shows different expressions one by one, is a natural scene itself.
The bottom of the bowl has a rounded shape.
It looks round and cute.
It is the perfect size to fit comfortably in your hand, making it an ideal gift.

To color the table


¥7,700(Plus tax)

As a gift for a celebration

SHUKUSAI ORIZURU chopstick rest (one pair of bule and red)

¥6,600(Plus tax)

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