Red Shino Style Sake Cup

¥27,500 (Plus tax)
Craftsman 鈴木富雄
Category Vessels for sake / Sake cups
Size 7.5cm*7.5cm*6cm
Weight 139 g
Materials 陶器
Instructions 陶歴有
Details 木箱付
As these items are made by hand, one by one, by craftsmen, there is some variation. colors you see on your monitor or browser may differ from actual colors.

This is handmade by Suzuki Tomio. 

The origin of Shino style is Azuchi-Momoyama period(1573‐1603),16th century . In that time, it has been made in the Minou (Gifu Prefecture) in Japane.
White glaze is made by crushing and refining feldspar and baking it with thick white feldspar glaze. There are countless small dents.
It will for everyday use , a perfect housewarming gift, or just a treat for yourself.

※ Please do not use microwave.

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